arctic oscillations   ___________________________________
straight up, arctic oscillations is my meditation on global   online project: ce.onl_0004
warming and the problems that we humans have caused to   artist: chuck bettis
this planet as well as a few of nature's responses to us. without   title: arctic oscillations
going into detail of why i choose certain problems or responses   length: 30'18"
as titles for the tracks, i would prefer if you ponder them and   year: 2010
think about how and why they contribute to the vibration of the   format: mp3 download
arctic circle and it's melting of polar ice caps as well as how    
that effects us. change comes from within, each one teach one,   track 1: seismic waves
and all that. the music you hear will be shaped by your perspective   track 2: acid rain
of your surroundings. it is intended, as in all my music, to awaken   track 3: politicians and corporations
humanity to it's surroundings. synthesist of sounds like synthesist   track 4: tundra cometh
of nature, all that survives can adapt, yet like nature is uncompromising.   track 5: hole in the sky
    track 6: sympathetic lifeforms
chuck bettis   track 7: archaic rituals
    track 8: religious texts
    track 9: nature prevails
    track 10: humanitarian decay
    track 11: overpopulation
    track 12: vortex ov hot ash
    track 13: dietary choices
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