invisibles   ___________________________________

invisibles is a live sound piece that combines sounds generated by home-made electronic devices and voices of migrants recounting their experiences of crossing the border between mexico and the usa. the contrast between the electronic sounds without recognizable and nameable origins and the recordings of migrants, whose voices have discernable meaning, shifts the audience engagement within the sound piece. as it goes from unrecognizable to recognizable sounds, invisibles hints to origins and documents the process of estrangement.

juan matos capote played an electronically modified cd player, an electronically modified radio, contact mics and recordings of migrants giving their accounts of crossing the border between mexico and the usa that the artist made in 2006 when living in new york city.

concert at azkuna zentroa, alhóndiga, bilbao, on february 25th, 2017. curated by oier iruretagoiena, miguel a. garcía y enrike hurtado.

  online project: ce.onl_0018
  artist: juan matos capote
  title: invisibles
  length: 33'04"
  year: 2017
  format: mp3 stereo
  play track: invisibles
  download invisibles (70.7 mb) zip file