voltagemotion_1   ___________________________________
over the years i have been exploring ways to make a connection between sound and   screening project: ce.scr_0001
moving image within the context of my electronic music compositions. compelled to   artist: kamran sadeghi
steer away from using these two mediums as accompaniments to one another, I began to   title: voltagemotion_1
experiment with the physical attributes of sound, i.e., amplitude frequency and rhythm as   length: 9'57'
a source of data that can be analyzed and therefore visualized.   year: 2009
    format: online screening
voltagemotion_1 was created during a week-long intensive residency at the experimental    
television center, which houses rare analogue sound and video equipment from the 60's -    
80's. i became obsessed with their nam june paik designed "wobbulator", a small tube  
television that was modified to receive voltage (signal) and render the outcome on the   play video: voltagemotion_1
screen as light. with every finely tuned pitch, pulse, and noise being heard you see the  
resulting visual interpretation generated in the form of pure electric light.   ___________________________________
kamran sadeghi