contour editions
    contour editions is a platform focused on presenting the work of contemporary artists that are exploring the various possibilities of sound and moving image. our objective is to make accessible time-based works that are engaged with notions of listening, vision, media exploration, materiality, process, and concept. these publications take the shape of online listening and/or viewing works, multi-channel sound installations, post-installation material, text/speech, and more. contour editions continued effort is to reach audiences globally on a personalized level, facilitating the presentation of independent original works of art. subsequently, establishing a community of artists sharing similar interests towards incrementally instituting a significant archive of media works. 
    contour editions, new york city, usa
    founded and directed by richard garet since january 2008
    contour editions installation: a broader spectrum of presentation applied to installation works, inside actual environments, focalizes contour editions' approach to the confines of space and location determined by the city of presentation in question.
    contour editions installation organized and produced
    by wolfgang gil, daniel neumann, and richard garet
    demo policy:
    we are not currently accepting propositions but if you feel strongly that your work fits our criteria please contact us via e-mail. you may send a url to your work and we promise to review it. please be advised to consider the label’s interest before sending your work for consideration. we will get in touch with you if we are interested.